I feel the need; the need….for speed!

Well, I had no idea that things would happen this quickly, but I have agreed to attend my first speed dating event. At first, I was completely against it. The thought of putting myself through 15 blind dates at one time was too overwhelming to contemplate. But, when you figure that you really only need to talk to each person for an average of 5 minutes (no time for awkward silences really, once you factor in each of you exchanging basics; name, age, profession, “is this your first time doing this?” ), I figured it couldn’t be so bad. Besides that, a dear friend that I grew up with (she used to be my babysitter actually!) tried Speed Dating a few weeks ago and said she had a blast. As someone who had recently gone through a divorce and had been a bit skeptical and cynical (sorry M!) about dating, I felt her opinion on the subject held some weight. Not only that, I found it so inspiring that she was willing to put herself out there after what she had been through. It made me feel like such a complete wuss – after all, what reason do I have NOT to try it?

M. did leave me with some good, honest advice however: don’t do it alone. She took two good girlfriends along for support. And even though they didn’t participate in the actual speed dating, they stayed at the bar and were there for her during the awkward “networking” breaks. They were able to scope out some of the guys, and even chatted with a few. She warned me that when you go to an event like this, usually held at a local bar or restaurant, everyone KNOWs you’re single whether they’re participating in the event or not. Unfortunately, that means that the atmosphre tends to be a bit of a free-for-all, and the guys can get a bit gutsy. She said it was great to have her friends there to rescue her and act as a bit of a buffer.

Taking M’s experience and advice into account, I invited along my ONE (that’s right, ONE) single girlfriend. After some convincing, J. agreed to do it with me. She makes anything and everything fun, so I know that she’ll be great for breaking the ice. If worse comes to worse, she’ll be a great person to laugh with once the experience is over.

So – stay tuned for my update next week and I’ll fill you in on how it goes.


2 Responses to “I feel the need; the need….for speed!”

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