When it rains, it pours…

One thing I find really funny about dating is that you’re either in a dry spell, or a flood – it never comes sporadically. Right now, it seems to be pouring on me!

Not only have I signed up for speed dating next week (update: I convinced another colleague to come with me and J. as well), but in the last two days I’ve gotten two different asks for bind dates! One is through the husband of a friend, of a friend; this is crazy in itself – I mean, how many people know I’m single and looking?! In all fairness, I tend to be pretty open about sharing this information with people who I think might know high-potential guys. After all, if I don’t put the word out that I’m looking, who will? And good people generally know good people; and when you’re surrounded by couples who are in turn, surrounded by couples, it’s hard to find single people anywhere anymore!

Anyway, K. is a great guy so when he messaged me and said he knew someone I might be interested in, I said sure! K. has talked to his friend R. who has said he’d like to meet me for coffee. Right now, R. has my email address and the ball is in his court. We’ll see what happens.

The second blind date opportunity is especially exciting and really ironic how it all came about. Those of you who know me know that my world seems to be particularly small…seriously. The term “small world” tends to be an understatement with me. A few weeks ago, I went with one of my best friends B. to drop something off at her work. I spotted a really cute guy in one of the offices and tried to get the scoop from her. Unfortunately, she didn’t really know him so didn’t have much dirt to dish. Then today, I got together for coffee with another friend of mine who also works at the same place as B. I mentioned that I was at his work the other day and had spotted this really cute guy. Well, sure enough – he gave me the lowdown!  Fantastic guy, motivated, and highly recommended by my friend. So – my friend is going to confirm his single status and let me know what’s what.

People tend to be from two different camps when it comes to how much effort one should put into dating. I either get the “once you stop looking, it will happen” speech. Or, the “you have to actively get out there if you want to meet someone!” lecture. Having done both, it doesn’t seem that one is more effective than the other (I have been single for 4 years after all!) But, when I think about the options, I’m of the mind that putting yourself out there will never hurt – “prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and take what comes.” If you just sit around and wait, you never know what opportunities you might miss. Granted, those of you who have been single as long as I have know how difficult and discouraging it is to repeatedly put yourself out there with no ROI. And I have to admit, that after tons of first dates that go nowhere (lots of them bind dates), it gets really hard to go in with a positive outlook and keep your optimism in tact. But, for right now, I’m sticking with option A and hoping for a pay off soon…

**Update from the last post: I have not emailed A. back  yet. I’m out of town this weekend and think I’m going to wait until I’m back. Maybe the delayed response will help get the point across…


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