Is no picture still worth a thousand words?

Even at my friend’s cottage for an extended long weekend, I couldn’t get away from my dating life! I guess that’s a good thing. Got an email from K’s friend R. over the weekend, introducing himself and asking if I wanted to get together for coffee. He sounds nice and was pretty straight forward in the email ie. “I’m 6’3″, brown eyes, brown hair, I do X for a living etc.” Read a bit like a dating ad, but at least he cut to the chase! R. even said: “I’ll be completely honest with you. I’ve done this before.” I was afraid to tell him that I’ve done the blind date thing about a dozen times before!

This date will truly be blind as K. didn’t have any good pictures to send me. I figure maybe this is a good thing. Anytime you’re online or blind dating, it’s hard not to let appearances be an influencer and this is the first time that I haven’t had a picture to go on. My mom told me that I rely too much on pictures – but let’s really get honest here people. It’s hard to create an attraction to someone out of “un-attraction.” I’m not saying I’m not open to dating guys that are outside my physical “type”- in fact, I don’t really seem to have a specific type as I’ve found myself being attracted to
a wide variety of guys. But, I also know what I find unattractive and there’s no getting around that. Does this make me shallow? I personally don’t think so. I’m holding out for the full package, and that includes a chemistry and a physical attraction with someone that I would actually want to make out with…this is important.

I asked R. if he wanted to get together next week as I’ve got too much going on this week, incuding my Speed Dating adventure tomorrow night. Stay tuned for the udpate.

I finally emailed A. back today and kept it short and sweet. I didn’t acknowledge his offer to go out again and he didn’t bring it up when he wrote back. We’ll be seeing each other at a networking event this week so I hope it won’t be awkward. If he does bring it up in person, it will be time to play the honesty card (but let’s hope he doesn’t!)


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