The Rules for PDA…and there should be some.

This weekend I went with one of my best friends to see a show, in a high-class, fancy theatre. Granted, I recognize that the theatre can be a dater’s paradise; full of guys trying to impress their loved one with a cultured and expensive evening. I get it. However, what I didn’t understand was the amount of couples that were flaunting PDA all over the place! I am the first one to admit that I enjoy a little hand-holding, a kneee touch, and even a peck here and there. Acting as though you’re the only people in a room? Inappropriate!!

Couples need to recognize that there is a time and a place for things, and that there IS a limit on how much PDA is appropriate in front of others. Gauge your audience people!! If you’re hanging out with a group of other couples, than you can likely get away with more. If you’e in the grocery store, theatre or public street – be conscious of that and take it easy! And above all, when the two of you are hanging out with your one single friend?? Layoff for awhile! As much as you may want to put your hands all over each other and gaze into each other’s eyes like there is no one else is there, please recognize that it puts those that ARE there in a very uncomfortable position.

Now, I know that people will say – “People need to get over it. There is nothing wrong with people expressing affection for one another.” Fine – that’s you’re opinion. But, my opinion is that it’s rude to make others feel uncomfortable by doing things that are over the line of what would be conisdered reasonable public affection. Hand-holding? Fine. Peck on the lips? Fine. Arm around each other? Fine. Tongues down the throat? Not fine. Straddling each other? Not fine. Touching or grabbing butts, boobs or other inappropriate places? NOT FINE. Baby talk and whiny use of the word, “Baby”? Annoying…and also…not fine.

Thank God I have normal, and self-aware friends who have not only been dating for years, but are not big into the PDA scene – it keeps me sane in the couple’s bubble. But I find that it’s also lowered my tolearance for PDA in general. Well, that – and the whole ‘being bitter about being single’ thing. Anyway, that’s my rant about PDA.

In other news, I have my second date with JD tomorow. A movie. Feeling neutral about the whole thing but excited to see the movie ‘W’. Have no idea what to expect – it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a second date with a blind date!

Also – came accross this article on Yahoo today about singles who are picky about finding a partner. Reminded me of my last blog post, and why it’s OK to be picky. I need to keep reminding myself of that every now and then!


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