The Radar

frustrationI’m convinced that boys have a radar. As soon as they know you’ve made a decision to forget about them, or move on, or whatever….they sense it and swoop right in to make it as difficult as possible. X calls me tonight about my plans for the evening – we were supposed to go to a mutual friend’s going away party (not together…separately). I was good and ignored his phone call the first time. Then, he called again and I picked up – all of a sudden he wants my company, but had no problem leaving me high and dry last week when he ditched our plans with no phone call at all. Unreal.

AND – my friend J. is in the same situation with a guy she’s trying to cut things off with. Out of the blue, her guy contacts her (because he happens to see she’s online on Facebook) and wants to know why she’s been “out of touch?” PLEASE!! As much as we’d love to sit around and let you guys walk all over us and contact us ONLY when it’s convenient for you, we HAVE better things to do. Stop making it so difficult for us to forget you!!! Feels kind of like a test from the Gods of Single Women…I’m determined to get a passing grade!

(For the record, I told X I was going ahead with my own plans tonight. ie. staying in to take care of a leaking ceiling…)


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