So I bit the bullet and renewed my membership with eHarmony. What’s the harm, I suppose. This time I got two of my best friends (thanks C. and L.) to look at my profile and review some of my matches. Both agreed that what I wrote about myself was “accurate and honest” so I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m trying really hard not to have any expectations from this (is that an oxy-moron?) but of course, it’s difficult. The whole point of signing up for online dating is to….date. And the whole point of dating is to find someone you like and want to spend time with. So, I don’t believe that anyone signs up with NO expectations at all.

I know that eHarmony claims to match on 29 dimensions of compatibility – but I’m not really sure about that. Although the info I had to fill out was pretty extensive, sometimes I find I have nothing more in common with the matches that get sent to me, than age and location. Some people hardly fill out anything in their profile, and because you select answers for some of the questions, I find that a lot of the matches all start sounding the same and no one really stands out. I guess this is where I might have to rely on my friends and family, and I’m happy to turn over the responsibility of going through all those matches.

I don’t know if my timing was the greatest because I’m leaving this week for a Caribbean vacay with B & C. Yes – I’m going on vacation with my married friends but what’s a single girl to do? 🙂 I know we’ll have a great time and I’m not worried about the third wheel thing, b/c I never feel like that with B& C. The best part is we will be spending the dreaded V-day with two of my closest friends (G&W) in Florida, so the five of us are going out for dinner. C. reminded me that we spent last Valentine’s Day with G&W too and had a blast, so I know this year will be no different.  I’m simply looking forward to getting away from this Canadian winter and into some sunshine. I’ll have to put my friends C. and L. on online dating watch while I’m gone – who knows what kind of eharmony matches will be waiting for me when I get back?  🙂

Also, another addition to my Single Girl’s Survival List:

14. I haven’t had my legs waxed in 6 weeks (waiting for my trip) and no one cares but me!


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