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Guy Wanted

I’m sure that all the single girls out there miss the same things I do about being being in a couple – the kissing, the cuddling, the phone calls, the texts, the companionship, the friendship, and yes – the sex. But sometimes, it’s the little random things about just having a GUY around, that I miss.

For example, this week I had to take my car in for an oil change. No big deal, I’ve done this plenty of times on my own and don’t need a guy to ‘help’ me. But, the mechanic who was taking my information at the garage asked me if I wanted to do the ‘third level’ tune-up, and went on to explain what that entailed. Well, you know what? I had no idea what he was talking about. But of course, he went on about how it’s really important that I get this done because I’ve passed X number of kilometres and winter is coming, blah, blah, blah. And while he seemed pretty sincere, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was just trying to ‘up-sell’ me (as is his job.) So, I half-heartedly agreed, but asked them to calculate the price first. Well. It was almost $300, compared to the $72 I would pay for the regular tune-up. Thing is, I didn’t know what to do!! I mean, does my car really need all that maintenance before winter?! Maybe it does! It sounded legit. But I am a “girl’s girl “and not ashamed to admit it. I know SQUAT about cars and maintenance, and all I was thinking at that moment, is how badly I wish I had a guy around to ask (or, just take the car in for me 🙂 So, it’s quite possible I could break down on the side of the highway this winter because I wasn’t sure whether or not to buy into what was, or was not, just a sales pitch.

In the same week, my washing machine started leaking. Yep. Water all over the floor. But of course, I had to wait a few days until my Dad had time to come over and look at it. AND – my stupid, sliding closet door has been broken/off its hinges for more than a month now, and although I have tried to fix it on my own, I’m just not tall or strong enough to get it back on the track. IT SUCKS. Every morning I have to get my coat and shoes out, I curse that stupid door and the fact that I have been too embarrassed to ask one of my guy friends (or my Dad) to come over and fix it for me (because I know it only takes 2 seconds). Should have had my Dad fix it while he was here the other night… DUH.

Anyway, I’m not saying that girls can’t do this kind of stuff. I’ve gotten used to doing a lot of things on my own and know that I am perfectly capable of doing just about anything –   if I looked up instructions online, or made the effort to try and learn more about cars, and plumbing etc., I could do it. One day, I’m sure I’ll be grateful that I lived on my own and learned to fend for myself. The thing is, it would just be nice sometimes to have a guy around to help. I hate taking out the kitchen garbage…with a passion. I hate having to do all the cleaning by myself. I hate having to do laundry, especially folding and ironing, by myself. I hate cooking by myself. I hate grocery shopping and carrying all the bags upstairs…by myself. There’s no splitting errands or crappy chores when you’re single.


Let’s talk about…

I miss sex.

Yep. I said it.

And I’ll admit that I’m flat out jealous of all my friends who are in serious relationships, and are getting it regularly.

(Mom- this is your warning should you choose to stop reading now)

When you think about it, sex is really the only thing that you can’t do alone. I mean – yes – I understand there are ways you can get your needs filled without another person. And yes – I understand that ‘no strings attached sex’ with a friend, or a fling, or an ex or a one night stand, are all ways that you can get it without being involved in a serious relationship. But, when I say I miss sex, I’m not just talking about the physical part of it. I’m talking about all the other stuff that comes with it that you can’t get on your own, or from a friend, a fling, an ex (although I know that’s debatable for some), or a one night stand. It’s definitely one of the things that truly sucks about being single.

sex-and-the-city-tv-p119I truly think that Sex and the City opened up a whole new way for woman to think about sex – and I do think it’s empowering that woman don’t have to feel guily about enjoying sex outside of a serious relationship. I mean, let’s face it – men have been doing it for years and although all the studies and research say that woman are much more ’emotional’ when it comes to sex, I dont’ believe that’s true for ALL women. I DO believe that some women ‘can have sex like men’ (as they say in the Sex and the City pilot episode), and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But although women might be able to do that – is physically good sex really as good as emotionally good sex? I haven’t had one without the other, so I can’t really comment personally. For some people, it might be – but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case with me. So even though I’m sure there are ways for me to get what I need physically, it’s not going to fulfill all of those other things that I’m missing when I say that I miss sex; the comfort, the intimacy, the closeness – all that stuff that you really only get from being with someone you care about. And as cliche and traditional as it might sound, I do believe that that’s when sex is the best – and that’s what I miss.

In the mean time, I try and make light of the subject with my friends whenever talk turns to sex – joking that I feel as though my virginity has probably grown back (yes – I know that this is not physically possible), or that they’d better keep a close eye on their boyfriends/fiancees lest I lose my self control. I guess the good news is that if I’ve had great sex with a guy that wasn’t the one for me, it can only get better with the one who is……right?


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