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Sleepy KittyI have lots to write about from recent goings on/news (and yes – it’s X-related. Shocker.) But I am so exhausted right now that I don’t think I’ll stay awake to write a full post. I’ve been suffering from insomnia the past few nights with all this stuff going on in my head, and am barely able to stay focused at work or keep my eyes open. Thank goodness going to the gym has been a great outlet, although it’s contributing to my exhaustion – which is even more frustrating because I’m tired and can’t sleep!!

When you’re going through tough stuff, do you ever just wish that you could lock yourself up in your house for a few days and forget the rest of the world exists? Just until you can get your head on straight again? That’s how I’m feeling right now….tough stuff sucks. But – I  know I will get through this in one piece, and that things will get better. You can only feel down for so long, right? Trying to look at this as a simple roadblock/’fall-off-the-wagon’ moment in my X-rehab plan.

More of an update after this weekend (and some sleep…..zzzzzzzz).



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