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Marrying Me

For those of you experiencing these frigid Canadian temperatures sweeping through the country right now, you’ll understand why I locked myself inside and hibernated this weekend. As I was flipping through the oh-so-exciting Saturday afternoon TV, I cam across this super cheesey, made-for-TV movie called “I Me Wed.” Despite the cheese factor, the premise behind the movie was actually kind of inspiring.

After constantly having to defend why she’s single to all of her friends, the protagonist decides that she’s going to marry herself. Literally. At first, it’s just because she’s sick of people constantly trying to set her up or find out why she’s still single – particularly because she enjoys being single and has no desire to get married. Then, it becomes a bit more about trying to make this statement: that being single does not mean there is something wrong with you. That being married or in a couple should NOT be an expectation. And that being married or in a couple does not define who you are. So – she buys a wedding dress, sends out invitations and hires her best gay friend as her wedding planner. Of course, through the course of all this, she meets a young, handsome, ‘ not-her-type’ contractor, and ends up marrying him in the end….too. But – let’s just forget about that part…weddings-in-vienna-11

On a boring Saturday afternoon, the movie got me thinking. The concept of marrying yourself IS kind of inspiring.  Think about the purpose of getting married – committing your life to someone you love more than anyone; vowing to love, honour and cherish, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, until….death do you part? (OK – most of it fits).

The question is: why shouldn’t single girls be committing themselves to this?? Even just the concept of it is something single girls should strive for (myself included) – we should commit to doing all of those things to ourselves! Maybe we SHOULD create an occasion to celebrate our singlness!? Why NOT buy a fancy dress and have your friends over for a party? Why not register somewhere nice and have people bring you gifts to celebrate your OWN life?? Just because we’re living single doesn’t mean we don’t need china, nice dishes and a waffle iron too…

The funniest thing about all of this is that I actually Googled ‘how to marry yourself.’ Turns out, there is a TON of stuff out there about people who are trying to follow this very concept! So, who knows – don’t be surprised if you someday find yourself getting an invite to a wedding for a couple named “me and myself!”

SIDE NOTE: For those of you in the USA – us Canadians might steal your President for ourselves! So looking forward to watching the history-making inauguration tomorrow….enjoy!



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